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The typical heating and cooling system should have a good filter to capture dirt, dust and pollen from the indoor air. However, the addition of the American-Lights® UV air cleaner is very important because it utilizes germicidal ultraviolet light to reduce or eliminate a broad range of microbes from the indoor air of your home or office and, if positioned properly, will keep the coil and drain pan free of mold and bacteria. The high output UV lamp is powerful enough for up to 5,000 square feet. For homes with more than one AC, one American-Light UV cleaner is recommended for each AC system.

The UV air cleaner is designed to reduce or eliminate all airborne microbial contaminants which pass through the HVAC ductwork and to keep the coil and drain pan area free of mold. Already, thousands of American-Lights® UV air cleaners have been installed in residences and offices nationwide and multitudes of families are enjoying a healthier indoor environment. In fact, the UV system is so effective at disinfecting indoor air and is proving so popular that it’s predicted that most every residence will have one installed eventually.*

It’s easy. It’s economical. And it’s proven!
* The GSA Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings specify installation of UV lamps downstream of the cooling coils. Germicidal UV is in the specs of many new construction projects.

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