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Welcome to the American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner website.

The American-Lights® air disinfection system is a whole house UV air cleaner that can help provide healthier indoor environment by reducing airborne pathogens and allergens such as mold and mold spores.

In 1999 we founded Enhance-It, LLC as a marketing company oriented toward residential UV disinfection products that enhance the quality of life with the motto: Making Your Life Better. At that time we started marketing Northern Lights - our first UV air cleaner. Over time the germicidal UV light technology proved so fascinating and promising that we focused entirely on UV products and germicidal solutions.

After the addition of UV to the Facilities Standards for Public Buildings, the consumer awareness of UV has increased tremendously. American Air & Water, Inc. was created in 2002 to handle the constantly growing business with a complete focus on germicidal UV technology and its various applications in air, surface and water disinfection and purification in residential and commercial settings. The Northern Lights system was renamed American-Lights UV air cleaner and shortly thereafter it became a registered trademark.

Visit the American Air & Water website for detailed information on germicidal UV and its use in residential, commercial UV air cleaners and ultraviolet water purifiers.

If you are interested in installing the American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner in your home or office to help protect yourself, your family, your coworkers or your students from airborne germs, please read on about the benefits of the American-Lights® system.

If you are interested in the UV technology on a business level, you can visit the UV Business Programs page and learn how to become a part of our winning UV team.

Learn about the UV air cleaner. American-Lights Home UV Air Cleaner
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