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As you may know, the sun is a natural atmospheric germ controller as the UV part of the sunlight destroys germs. Unfortunately, UV is prevented from performing this germicidal function indoors.

However, this problem can be solved with specially designed germicidal UV air cleaners and surface disinfection systems, which generate UV similar to the shortwave UV in sunlight. The shortwave part of the UV spectrum is also known as UVC, UV-C or germicidal UV. The UVC part of the spectrum is between 280nm and 200nm *.

The American-Lights® UV air cleaner emits UV at 253.7nm wavelength to reduce or eliminate microbial contaminants from the indoor air of homes, offices and public buildings. If the UV lamp is positioned to shine on the cooling coil and drain pan, it will also keep them clean of microbial growth, including mold.

The American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner must stay on at all times to accomplish the sun’s job indoors both efficiently and inexpensively.
* The 200nm to 100nm wavelength range is considered a part of UVC but often it is referred to as UVV or vacuum UV. UV at wavelength shorter than 200nm breaks down oxygen and produces Ozone. Germicidal UV does not produce Ozone and it can be used to destruct Ozone.
UVB wavelengths are between 315 and 280nm.
UVA are between 400 and 315nm.

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